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LGEMP Windows  10/7/VISTA/XP software is versatile and can calculate single layer films such as oxides, nitrides and photoresists as well the top layer on a known 1, 2, or 3 layer stack such as poly on oxide and oxide on poly on oxide. The LGEMP 4 layer absorbing film program replaces our older standard and optional programs.  Note: L116A, B, C, D older type ellipsometers  with the older 13.25 inch ISA interface card will require the L116UG-USB upgrade consisting of a new USB interface and LGEMP software as WINDOWS will not communicate with the old ISA card.   The LGEMP can be used with a manual nulling ellipsometer such as the model L117, and it is also available for our 2 and 3 wavelength ellipsometers models.


Capability to handle up to four-layer films where each layer can be either transparent or absorbing at the measured wavelength. Any two of the 14 variables can be selected for calculation in a 4-layer film stack.  However the top layer thickness is the most common and successful measurement.

The enlarged PSI-Delta Contour Map permits theoretical "what if" type simulation on your Thin Film Model.  Top layer film Thickness T1(pink line), Refractive indexNf1(red line), Absorption Kf1(brown line),  Y(yellow line),  D(green line), with moveable sliders on the left side show the effects of varying the model parameters on the index measureability.  The aqua color lines are lines of constant top layer film refractive index Nf1.  The white lines are regions of Autofix of Nf1 since the index cannot be easily resolved in this region. 

The program permits changing the angle of incidence, polarizer drum angle, ambient N (refractive index of the media when the film is immersed in a liquid); and  the wavelength of the light source for multiwavelength ellipsometers.  A "File Handler" enables saving and quick retrieval of frequently used measurement setup parameters. Four user-defined setup files can be assigned to one step "press-and-go" shortcut buttons for  fast access of different measurement setups.

Selective display and storage of measured data. Measurements stored in the program's document area can be saved as a text file. The text file can later be opened and edited by any text-editing program such as Microsoft Notebook or Excel. Capability to permit the entry of previously measured "psi" and "delta" (the raw ellipsometric data) for calculation of thickness using different setups or modeling schemes.  Price $975.

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