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Our LMOD modeling software for Windows 10/7/VISTA/XP permits the simultaneous computation of film thickness, index and adsorption values in a single, two, three or four layer film stack when multiple measurements on the stack are made. 

The LMOD program permits up to 3 wavelengths and 8 incidence angles to be used in the simultaneous modeling since it is intended for use with any of our 1, 2 and 3 wavelength ellipsometers. When used with our single wavelength variable angle ellipsometer, measurements are made at multiple angles of incidence so that the number of measured DEL and PSI parameters exceeds the number of unknown values thus over-determining the system. The number of different measured PSI, DELTA values must equal or exceed the number of unkowns to be determined.  

An important advantage to angle vs. wavelength variation is that thickness, index, and absorption values remain constant for angle changes unlike wavelength variation that changes the film index and absorption values. The software is flexible permitting any of the 2 or 3 out of 14 substrate or film parameters to be determined using computational routines developed by NIST. 

The LMOD program permits repeat modeling from sets of measured data so you can iterate the T, N, and K values of different layers in a stack until your results are optimized. The mean variation from the ideal target DEL and PSI values are calculated. The structural setups, material parameters, and measured data can be  stored in files for recall into the software or for later use.

Input of measured data into the modeling program is performed automatically but can also be done manually by simply entering the DEL and PSI values. The software also performs the forward calculation of the DEL and PSI values from a layered model.  The LMOD program provides solutions for many challenging samples which otherwise would remain unsolved. Price $975.

For older ellipsometer models  L116A, B, C, D type, the program also requires the L116UG-USB upgrade of a new USB interface. The LMOD  Windows program will not communicate with the old full length ISA interface card used on older computers.  


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