ellipsometry and polarized light L119AB
R.M.A. Azzam and N.M. Bashara, 1977, softcover, 530 pages.
The authors present a comprehensive study of the different mathematical representations of polarized light and how such light is processed by optical systems, especially ellipsometers. Electro-magnetic theory is used to relate ellipsometric measurements to surface properties. Experimental techniques and apparatus are described and many interesting applications of ellipsometry to surface and thin film phenomena are reviewed. This text is a classic publication in the field.  Check availablity.

selected papers on ellipsometry (ms27) L119ASP
R M Azzam, 1991 softcover, 736 pages.
A SPIE Milestone reprint collection of 98 outstanding papers from the world literature on ellipsometry. The papers are selected by a world authority with a deep knowledge of the subject matter.  Check availablity.

manual on ellipsometry L119AM
R.J. Archer, 1968, 36 pages.
A treatment of the principals of nulling type ellipsometry, instrument calibration and measuring procedures and the interpretation of measurements with examples. Based on the classic, nulling type, Gaertner model L119 Manual Research Ellipsometer.  

gaertner ellipsometric tables (73 pages) L117T
Give single transparent film thickness from 0 to 3500 Angstroms and the corresponding DELTA and PSI values. Tables are incremented in 0.05 refractive index steps from 1.30 to 3.60 for 30, 50, and 70 incidence angle for a silicon substrate and 6328 wavelength. A table of thickness period multiples vs. index is also included. 

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