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software upgrades

LGEMP - Gaertner Ellipsometer Measurement Program

LGEMP Windows software is versatile and can measure single layer films such as oxides, nitrides and photoresists as well the top layer on a known 1, 2, or 3 layer stack such as poly on oxide and oxide on poly on oxide.  The LGEMP program requires an L116, A, B, C, D or S type ellipsometer running Windows software. It can also be used with our 2 and 3 wavelength ellipsometer models.  
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LMOD - Four Layer Modeling Program

Our LMOD Windows modeling software permits the simultaneous computation of film thickness, index and adsorption values in a single, two, three or four layer film stack. The Windows software is flexible permitting any of the 14 substrate or film parameters to be solved for or fixed using computational routines developed by NIST.  
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USB upgrade packages
Older ellipsometer models interfaced to old computers using interface cards can be upgraded to a USB interface  running LGEMP software on the latest Windows computers.  WAFERSKAN models can be upgraded with USB interfaces for 2D/3D Color Maps on the latest WINDOWS computers .  The ellipsometer must be in good mechanical working condition as software alone will not correct hardware issues.

L116 series ellipsometer upgrades

Upgrade Kit consists of a USB interface with cable and Windows  LGEMP software. Please identify the cable connector on your ellipsometer when placing an order.   

LSE series ellipsometer upgrades

Converts a PCI card  interfaced LSE ellipsometer to a USB computer interface. Upgrade Kit consists of a USB interface with cable and latest Windows  LGEMP software. 

L115 series ellipsometer upgrades


L115UG - USB
The Upgrade Kit consists of two USB interfaces one for the ellipsometer and a second for the the stage controller. The upgrade kit includes cables, and  the latest 2D/3D Color Mapping software for Windows.  A CC1.2, MM3000 or ESP300 Controller is required for use with the Upgrade. The old model TL17 Controller (supplied prior to 1982) cannot be controlled by the PC. 

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