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Filar Micrometer Microscopes M110BE



Model M110BE reads to 0.0001mm standard or optionally  0.00001 inches at 25X  magnification. Other calibrations, working distances and magnifications are available. All models are equipped with the M202E electronic micrometer.  The M202E electronic eyepiece micrometer is mounted in our M101B microscope. with a 48 mm M224 objective, 2.5X initial magnification, 67 mm working distance and 4.7 mm object field. This 25X scope  can be calibrated to read 0.0001 mm or 0.00001in per division resolution.

electronic eyepiece micrometer M202E description
The M202E consists of an adjustable 10X eyepiece micrometer with rotary encoder, a programmable digital display and power supply.  It is added to microscopes to provide fast, convenient and precise measurements.  The rotary encoder gives 2000 counts per 1 complete revolution using a high precision 1 mm pitch screw.  The range of crosshair travel of 18 revolutions therefore covers 18 mm within the eyepiece. The actual field of view or range on the object will also be determined by the initial magnification or field of view of the objective.  The compact digital display has 6 digits and is user programmable so virtually any scope magnification can be calibrated.

Different objective magnifications will affect the accuracy of measurement.  The precision of the reading will generally be greater with an objective of higher magnification because the object will appear larger thus requiring more travel or turns of the micrometer screw across the object. However, often times it is easier to measure with less magnification because the measurement beginning and end points are easier to recognize with less magnification appearing sharper so actual experience with the measurement is the best guide.

The following objectives are optionally available for the M110BE (all dimensions in mm):

Objective Focal Length  Initial Magnification Working Distance Object Field
M216 8 20X 1.9 0.6
M218 16 10X 8.6 1.2
M219 25 5.9X 17 2.0
M220 32 4.2X 40 2.9
M222   38 3.4X 49 3.5
M224  standard 48 2.5X 67 4.8
M225 60 1.8X 93 6.6
M225C 67 1.4X 114 7.9
M226 80 1X 157 10.9
M227 102 0.6X 260 18.6


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