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Horizontal / Vertical Traveling Microscope M1180LE-M


horizontal / vertical traveling microscope M1180LE-M description
The M1180LE-M shown above is a measuring microscope of great versatility and includes the M303LE micrometer slide, M101B microscope and M320 support. This model features the new generation of precision micrometer slide (M303LE) using optical interference fringe measurement rather than relying on mechanical lead screw for measurement accuracy.  Measurements are fast, precise, repeatable, free from backlash and easily read.  

The Model M303LE has a standard 4 inch (100mm) range standard (optional 6 inch), a linear optical encoder and user switchable inch/metric electronic digital readout reading to 0.000050 inches or 0.0002 mm.  The digital readout display operates on 100 - 264VAC and complies with the European directives on electromagnetic compatibility.

The linear encoder is a non-contact, compact optical digital readhead that references a scale.  The scale is a graduated steel strip 6mm wide and 0.2mm thick with a thin gold surface layer for enhanced reflectivity.  A lacquer coating provides protection and easy cleaning.  An infra-red LED emits light onto the angled scale facets where it is scattered back into the readhead through a transparent phase grating.  Electronics within the readhead amplify and combine these signals to generate two sinusoidal waveforms of equal amplitude producing interference fringes.  Since the reading is made optically, backlash reading error typically found in mechanically coupled systems is eliminated.

The carriage has a threaded hole into which any of our standard microscopes such as the model M101B will fit.  The thread has a 1mm pitch and 0.990 inch major diameter.  Where the viewing scope is to be mounted parallel to the direction of motion, the M304 adapter may be used.  Each slide is equipped with a support rod 19mm (3/4 inch) in diameter and 15cm (6 inches) long that is screwed and pinned into the slide bed. 


M1180LE-M is positioned for making vertical measurements over a 4 inch range standard (6 inch optional) on a vertical plane with the standard M101B scope reading to 0.0002 mm.


Shown above the M1180LE-M is positioned to make horizontal measurements over a 4 inch range standard   (6 inch optional) on a vertical plane with the standard M101B scope reading to 0.00005 inches.


Shown above the M1180LE-M is fitted with the optional M110BE Filar Micrometer Microscope  used in place of the standard M101B scope to read 4 inches standard (6 inch optional) in the vertical axis and to 0.0002 mm over a 4 mm range in the horizontal axis.


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