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          Computer and microscope are not included as part of the M3050 system.           


M3050 digital camera system is a USB powered color camera adapted to Gaertner microscopes together with software offering full digital viewing and measurement. PC and Laptop viewing enables instant capture and recording of the object you are observing with the ability to share the measurement with others . 

The software is full featured permitting manipulation and calibrated measurement of the image. This makes the M3050 digital camera system very useful in the laboratory for observation, measurement and documentation.  Routine measurements become more comfortable and more accurate. Several M3050 versions are available depending on whether the microscope's eyepiece and crosshair are used or the eyepiece and crosshair is removed and a software generated crosshair is used instead.  

M3050E  Digital Camera System   $850.
For models M101B, M117, M101BT scopes using eyepiece and crosshair or scale   

M3050EWF  Digital Camera System   $850.
For models LDSR, M202E, M110E, with Filar Micrometer crosshairs (fits over the WF eyepiece)

M3050N  Digital Camera System  $650.
For Gaertner microscope with eyepiece and crosshair removed (C mount type) 
Use crosshair electronically generated by the software

M3050MD  Digital Camera System High Resolution  $1630.
For model M551MD Minidioptometer  using eyepiece and crosshair  

A CD is supplied with software and drivers for the M3050 USB Camera System. 
For computers without a CD drive, the software can be downloaded from our website.
User to supply Windows or Mac PC


Sensor                                                   1/4 inch CMOS
Resolution                                             1280 1024 pixels ( high resolution 2592 x 1944 pixels M3050MD)
Megapixels                                           1.3 MP ( high resolution 5 MP M3050MD)
Frame Rate (max)                                30 FPS
Magnification                                        about 200X depends on type of objective and eyepiece when used
Field of View                                         about 1/2 the field as viewed by eye thru the microscope eyepiece
Computer                                              USB 2.0 connects to your Laptop or PC
Operating System                                Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Mac OS 10.5+ user supplied PC or Laptop
Full Featured Software                        Adjust camera settings, crosshairs and image measurement
Image Save Formats (Windows)         BMP, GIF,JPG, JP2, JPC, MNG, PCX, PGX, PNG, PNM, RAS,TGA,TIF, WBMP
Image Save Formats (Mac OS)           JPEG, PNG
Video Save Formats (Windows)        FLV, SWF, WMV
Video Save Formats (Mac OS)            MOV
Compliance                                          CE, FCC

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