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Supports for Microscopes & Micrometer



M309 Microscope Support   
Has a steel rod 19 mm (3/4 inch) in diameter and 15 cm (6 inches) long with inside threaded collar for holding our standard microscopes M101B or telemicroscopes M101BT with mounting thread 0.9877 - 1MM NS2. This compact support is convenient where the entire unit is to be rested on the surface to be examined since the object can be viewed within the V shaped base.  The vertical rod is 19 mm in diameter and 20 cm long.  This support is not recommended for use with our micrometer slides because the counter-weight is too light for the heavier slides. Net wt. 7 lbs.



The flat machined top surface stage and adjustable mirror under the stage are used for inspecting or measuring transparent objects.  The surface is 7 x 13 cm (2.25 x 5 inches). The 30 mm diameter vertical rod supports the M330 cross rod 5.7 to 13 cm (2.25 to 5.25 inches) over the top of the stage. Net wt. 10 lbs.

M310 Microscope Support (not shown)  
Same as model m316 except the top stage and mirror are removed and a flat machined top surface of the base support is used to support small objects that are viewed with surface illumination.  Net wt. 10 lbs.



M320 Microscope Support   
The wide heavy base of this support provides extra stability and increased stage area to accommodate larger objects.  The base is 17 x 20.5 cm (6.25 x 8 inches).  The vertical rod is 30 mm in diameter and 25 cm (10 inches) long. Net wt. 19 lbs.


M326s748 Microscope Support (shown with optional M110BE scope)  
This XY coordinate positioning stage holds our scopes horizontally 13 inches above the table surface.  The tripod base legs are 5 in long with leveling screws. The micrometer thimbles permit lateral XY adjustment about 1 inch in either direction.  Net wt. 11 lbs. less scope

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