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A wide selection of interchangeable microscope accessories permits flexible applications with Gaertner  measuring microscopes. Small, lightweight and modular, new variations can be easily made by the user at any time by changing or adding new components to extend the versatility of the system. A few representative components and instrument variations are show here out of the many that are possible.


Basic Modular Microscope M101B

Compact modular microscope with sleeve focusing uses different objectives and eyepieces to change the working distance, field of view, and magnification to suit the application. The M101B accepts a wide range of accessories. $950.
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Eyepieces, Adapters and Objectives for Gaertner Microscopes

Variety of eyepieces, eyepiece adapters and microscope objectives for Gaertner microscopes that change magnification, field of view and working distance.  
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Electronic Eyepiece Micrometer M202E

Used in place of the eyepiece and eyepiece adapter to convert virtually any microscope into a electronic digital measuring microscope with resolutions to fractions of a  micron. The M202E has a movable crosshair attached to a precision rotary encoder that sends the reading to a small digital display. The electronic display can be user programmed for inch or metric reading. $2190.
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Telemicroscope M101BT

A combination low power microscope and telescope with an adjustable sliding objective. The working distance adjusts from 120 mm to infinity. Small and compact the M101BT can be easily mounted in our slides or your fixtures. $1135.
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Filar Micrometer Microscopes with electronic readout

These models are equipped with the M202E electronic micrometer and have a cross hair that moves across the field of view using a precision micrometer screw. Model M110BE reads to 0.0001mm at 25X  magnification with a 4.7mm range and 67mm working distance. Model M115BE reads to 0.00001 inches.  Other calibrations and working distances are available.  $3540.
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Support Rod & Mounts for Microscopes & Telemicroscopes

The M330 Rod and Threaded Collar, M304 Adapters and M326P Plate are threaded to accept our standard microscopes and telemicroscopes having a mounting thread of 0.9877 - 1MM NS2  Priced at $178 ea.
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Support Stands for Microscopes & Micrometer Slides

Sturdy supports designed to hold microscopes and micrometer slides.
The M309 Basic Microscope Support is priced at $388.  Model M310 is $455, the M316 is $480, the model M320 is $575 
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Micrometer Slide with Electronic Readout M303LE

Micrometer slides hold microscopes and telemicroscopes and make linear measurements over a 100mm range reading to 50 millionths of an inch or 0.0002mm. The model M303LE has a 4 inch (100mm) range, linear encoder and user switchable inch/metric digital electronic readout standard. $4575.
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Horizontal / Vertical Traveling Microscope M1180LE-M

Supplied with a M101B microscope mounted in a micrometer slide M303LE that reads to 0.0002mm and makes linear measurements from 0 to 100 mm in the X axis.  The sturdy 19 lb base can accommodate large fixtures and the slide can be raised, lowered, or rotated for vertical measurements. $6125. 
A M110BE Filar Micrometer Microscope can be used in place of the standard scope to read to 0.0001 mm over a 4 mm range in the Y axis. $8690. 
The system can also be optionally equipped with a camera. 
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Vertical Traveling Telemicroscope M1180LE-T

A micrometer slide M303LE is used for making vertical measurements over a 4 inch range with a M101BT Telemicroscope that has a variable working distance from 4" to infinity. Optional longer rod  permits the optical axis to be elevated from 11 to 21 inches above the table. $6285.
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Digital Readout System for Older Slides 

Retrofit older Gaertner micrometer slides with digital electronic readout identical to the M303LE. Consists of linear encoders and an electronic digital display. Greatly speeds measurement and reduces error in reading. The M303LER is instantly switchable between inch (0.00005) and metric (0.0002mm) units. $3950. for single axis and $5950 for dual axis systems retrofits.
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Optical Digital Height Gage System

Vertical measuring range 24"/600 mm with a resolution to 0.0005"/0.01mm. M533HG Telemicroscope has a horizontal focusing range of 4 inches to infinity and displays image via a USB connection to your PC.  Model M911DHG24 is $10,660. Model M911DHG40 with a 40"/1000 mm range is priced at $17,450.      
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XY Digital Measuring Microscope W126 -6x4

New improved Model W126-6x4 provides 6x4 inch coordinate measurements using high precision linear read heads and a microprocessor based digital readout system that answers most of your measuring needs. Geometric capabilities include radius-diameter, centerline,  polar/cartesian, skew alignment, linear error correction, true inch/metric conversion with Quadra-Chek 200 0.00005"/0.001mm resolution. Also available with a basic XY display.
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Camera-Vision M3050

Lightweight, compact high performance camera system can be added to Gaertner microscopes to give high resolution viewing on a  monitor or via USB connection to your PC. 
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