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xy digital measuring microscope W126-6x4


The W126-6x4 offers rapid no contact measurement of difficult parts and shapes using a 2 axis high precision microscope interfaced to an advanced digital Quadra-Chek 200  readout that is easy to use.


quadra-chek 200 description
Panel keys on the QC 200 are provided for selecting the following:

  • Linear Unit of Measure displayed in mm or inches.

  • Polar/Cartesian coordinate systems displayed in Radius & Angle or X & Y.

  • Datum function for absolute fixed origin at 0,0 or redefined reference points.

  • Point Measures the location of a point. One data point is required.

  • Line - Measures the magnitude and angle of a line. The center point of the line and the angle from the reference are displayed.

  • Circles Measures the centroid location and diameter of the circle using 3 to 100 points on the circumference.

  • Distance - Measures the distance from the first to the second data point.

  • Angle - Measures the vertex and the angle between two lines.  2 to a maximum of 100 points can be used to define each of the 2 lines (legs) of the angle.

  • Skew Eliminates the need for time consuming part alignment or fixturing by compensating electronically for non square part alignment

  • Measure Magic - Measures any geometric shape automatically by analyzing the data point locations to determine the feature type.

  • Send - Transmits measurement of the feature to a computer over the parallel port, to a printer over the parallel or serial port, or to any infrared-compatible device over the infrared (IRDA) port.

  • Menu Key - collection of configuration, programming, measurement and display functions previously saved.

  • Prog menu - lists programs that are collections of prerecorded sequences of key-presses used to perform various measurements. Simplify difficult and repetitive measurement sequences with easy to use step-by-step self-teach programs to guide subsequent measurements.


xy digital measuring microscope w126-6x4 description
The W126-6x4 Microscope is a powerful combination of optics, electronics and intelligence that compensates for mechanical errors, simplifies complex work steps and speeds repetitive measurements.  The microscope has a measuring range of 6 inches in the lateral X direction and 4 inches in Y using compact imbedded linear encoders.

The fully adjustable binocular head provides for comfortable viewing using both eyes and includes a 10X focusable wide field eyepiece with crosshair reticule. A three station turret nosepiece is supplied with a 3X microscope objective giving 30X total magnification. Optional microscope objectives are available to increase or decrease the magnification. A continuously adjustable halogen lamp gives surface illumination. Blue, green, and polarizing filters as well as an adjustable iris is supplied for added illumination control. A variable intensity sub stage LED illuminator is provided for viewing profiles and transparent objects. Knobs on either side of the dovetail slide column provide positive rack and pinion motion and control for focusing the viewing head assembly.

Measurements are easily made by positioning the part to be measured under the microscope crosshairs using the smooth X and Y stage positioning knobs. The stage position is automatically read to a  micron and sent by the imbedded linear X and Y encoders to the QC 200 digital display for intelligent interpretation. The high precision linear encoders cover the full 6 inch by 4 inch stage travel quickly without the use of additional gage blocks or spacers. Linear encoders are fast, precise and highly reliable with no moving parts to wear or break since they consist simply of a optical read head and linear scale. The XY stage travel is exceptionally smooth and orthogonal through the use of roller bearing construction and laser interferometer alignment during manufacture. Resolution to 1 micron can be easily achieved. 


optional objectives

Model Focal Length  Initial Total Working Distance
M225 60mm 1.7X 17X 89mm
M224 48mm 2X 20X 65mm
M222(supplied) 38mm 3X 30X 45mm
M220 32mm 4X 40X 35mm
M219 25mm 5X 50X 17mm
M218 16mm 10X 100X 7mm
M216 8mm 20X 200X 1mm


xy digital measuring microscope w126-6x4 specifications

Display: Quadra-Chek 200 full featured programmable displaying 0.00005 inches or 0.001 mm
Precision: 0.0001 inches over a range of 6 inches can be achieved with the use of the QC 200 error correction feature

6 inches in X, 4 inches in Y by direct nonstop motion 

Sample Size (max): 12 inch focusing Z motion with knobs on both sides of the column. 
Large 4.86 inch center to back throat depth 
Stage size: 8.40 x 6.97 inches top plate with 6.5 x 4.25 frosted glass insert

Binocular erect normal image using 10X eyepieces adjustable eyepiece contains crosshairs 3X Objective 38mm gives 45mm working distance


Surface 6V, 30W halogen bulb, continuously adjustable
Substage 6VDC,  white LED continuously adjustable

Electrical: 120V standard, 230V optional 50-60 HZ, 3 Amp fuse

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