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light-sectioning microscope M1108E


light-sectioning microscope M1108E description (above photo is old style M1108. New style is different) 
The Gaertner MI108E Light-Sectioning Microscope has been designed as a result of the increasing demand for technical testing of surfaces.  In addition to the requirements of dimensional tolerances, the surface quality is of great importance.  The ability to study fit and friction, wear and tear, surface contour, nicks, heights of burrs, depths of grooves, edge profile, thickness of anodized layers, coating thickness, film profile, etc., is demanded.  The instrument provides the capability of examination and measurements in numerical values. It can be used as a portable unit or incorporated into other holding devices that will permit the objective to be brought into the required position for observation and measurement.

The M1108E Light-Sectioning Microscope employs the Schmaltz concept. A narrow band of light, the width being controlled by a fixed slit, is focused on the piece part.  The beam of light intersects the horizontal surface of the test piece at a 45' angle and is divided or "sectioned" by the top and bottom surfaces of the irregularities.  Consequently the surface geometry can be viewed through the corresponding microscope eyepiece.  A filar micrometer, with moveable crosshairs, can then measure the difference between the two beams.  The micrometer drum reads to 0.0001mm or 0.00001" of an inch, per division.  

The instrument is designed and built to provide years of useful service.  It is mounted on a heavy rugged base for stability, and is precision aligned for continued accuracy. 

standard equipment
Base, filtered light source, fixed slit, filar micrometer eyepiece M202E, x-y positioning stage with .001 reading micrometer thimbles, fixed angular mount and vertical positioning stage.

light-sectioning microscope M1108E specifications

Objective magnification:  3.48X
Eyepiece magnification:  1OX
Total magnification: 34.8X
Optical working distance: 41.2mm

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