optical instruments

Optical instruments are available from Gaertner for use in specialized fields of work. 


Differential Stress Refractometer LDSR

Provides a non-destructive means of measuring stress in the surface layer of commercial float, plate and sheet glass. The Refractometer can be used on glass which has a refractive index in the range of 1.516 up to 1.566. This index range can be changed by substitution of optional prisms. $6,200.
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Mini-Dioptometer System

Check goggles, welder's lenses, and eye glasses to ANSI standards for refractive power, prismatic power and definition. Easy and convenient to use.
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StokesMeter Polarimeter

The StokesMeter is a advanced approach to the measurement of polarized light. This patented device uses no moving parts and no modulators to quickly and accurately determine the complete polarization state, or change in polarization of an unknown input beam.  $15K.
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