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mini-dioptometer system with combined target collimator containing NBS and Sunburst patterns

mini-dioptometer system description
Goggles and sunglasses are quickly tested for refractive power, prismatic power and definition with this instrument. It conforms with the American National Standard (ANSI) Z87.1-2015 thereby satisfying existing OSHA requirements. Variations of power are read directly to 0.01 diopter with the important 1/16 diopter lines clearly marked. Space is saved and reliability increased by eliminating the need for mounting a target 35 feet away. The system consists of 3 components: the Mini-Dioptometer, the Collimator with power adapter, the Lens Holder Post and Component Support . Each component is available separately. The eyewear being tested is placed a lens holder between the Mini-Dioptometer and the Collimator. You have a choice of using any of our optional lens holders.

The new  Combined SingleTarget Collimator (M522MC) forms an image of the National Bureau of Standards test chart which when viewed by the Mini-Dioptometer is equivalent to focusing on a test chart 35 feet distant. The Combined Target Collimator (M522MC) contains the NBS lines 20 and 40 and Sunburst patterns with illuminator. The Mini-Dioptometer (M522MD) is adjusted by means of a graduated drum. The user focuses, through the glass being tested, on the test chart image from the Collimator. The refractive power variation is then read directly on the drum. The Mini-Dioptometer works equally well in the space saving system or focused on a test chart 35 ft. away. In either case you see exactly the same size pattern. The Space Saving System is particularly useful for checking tinted welders lenses where high light intensity is necessary to penetrate the lenses. An optional choice of a high resolution USB camera connecting to your PC or direct to a HDMI Monitor adds to viewing accuracy and comfort. 

The Mini-Dioptometer System individual components are priced as follows:

M522MD    Mini-Dioptometer    $3,245.
New M522MC Collimator with Combined Target with NBS & Sunburst patterns on one target with illuminator and power adapter  $3,500.
M522MDS  Base Support with Lens Holder Post  $595.
M3050MD  High Resolution USB Camera system for your Windows PC  $1830.
M3050MDH High Resolution HDMI Camera for direct to your HDMI Monitor  $1995.  

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