Ellipsometers give non-contact thickness and refractive index measurements of thin transparent and semi transparent films to 1 angstrom or better. Gaertner has helped pioneer the field of ellipsometry and we offer high quality laser ellipsometers to meet varied user requirements in the semiconductor, solar cell, bio-chemical, flat panel and other thin film industries.

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Stokes Ellipsometer LSE-USB Multiwavelength Ellipsometers
Stokes Waferskan Ellipsometer LSE-WS Pre-Owned Ellipsometers
Stokes Microspot Ellipsometer LSE-MS   Wafer Calibration Standards & Certification
Software LGEMP & LMOD
  measuring microscopes

Interchangeable microscope accessories enables flexibility in applications with Gaertner measuring microscopes. Small, lightweight and modular, new variations can be easily made by the user by changing or adding new components extending the versatility of the system. A few representative components and instrument variations are shown on this site out of the many that are possible.

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Basic Modular Microscope M101B Micrometer Slide M303LE
Camera-Vision M3050 Telemicroscope M101BT
Digital Readout System Horizontal Traveling Microscope M1180LE-M
Erecting Prism Eyepiece Adapter Vertical Traveling Microscope M1180LE-M
Filar Eyepiece Micrometer M202E Vertical Traveling Telemicroscope
Filar Micrometer Microscopes XY Toolmaker Measuring Microscope W126


  optical instruments

Optical instruments are available from Gaertner for use in various fields of work. They may be modifications of standard instrumentation or unique designs to solve difficult measuring problems.

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Differential Stress Refractometer LDSR
Mini-Dioptometer System
StokesMeter Polarimeter
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