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two & three wave stokes ellipsometers
automatically measure with 2 or 3 high precision lasers at 70° incidence angle.  The 2 or 3 wave capability determines thicker film thickness and gives refractive index measurements over a wider thickness range.  Helps with difficult to measure films. Get many of the advantages of spectroscopic ellipsometers without the complexity.

stokes microspot ellipsometer LSE-MS 
with convenient USB interface offers a 15 micron measuring laser beam diameter, manual  2x2 inch micrometer positioning stage and a camera for viewing the area of measurement on your PC. Areas as small as 15 X 45 micron can be viewed and measured using advanced StokesMeter™ technology.

ellipsometer USB upgrades for Windows

Older Gaertner ellipsometer models L116, L116A, and L116B can be upgraded with USB interfaces to computers running the latest Windows software. Old WAFERSKAN models L115A, L115B and L115C can be USB upgraded to Windows computers with new WS Mapping software giving  2D/3D color image maps.

USB cameras for microscopes
can be added to our microscopes for convenient viewing, measurement and recording.  Measurement capabilities include linear inch/metric calibration and angle to handle most of your measurement needs. 

micrometer slide with electronic readout
The model M303LE has a 4 inch range, linear encoder and inch/metric digital electronic readout standard.

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